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You are the Christ may go down as one of the greatest songs we have ever sung at Franklin Baptist Church!

- Darlington, MD 

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This is the first song I ever wrote, and it was my attempt to convey the great longing of my heart ... to be used in God's work for God's glory.  I'm not sure how Greg made the tune work with my initial into the songwriting world, but, as always, he rose to the occasion.

When I was a youngster, many missionaries came to our church to present their heart for the harvest.  To be honest, not many stand out in my young memory, but God used one missionary family to profoundly stir my heart.  I only wish I could remember who they were and what field they were going to.  I would like to thank them for altering the course of my life.  As a family they sang one song to our church,  The only word I can remember in the song was "available."  That word has never let me go.

So when I got the idea to write a song, I could think of no better theme than of availability.  A few years later, I reworked the third verse to include the cross.  I am embarrassed that originally I had not included any mention of the gospel.  It is Jesus' finished work on Calvary that compels us to be available to Christ and abandoned to His cause. 

@ 2006 Andy Gleiser;  Arranged by Greg Habegger

Awaken, Lord, My Heart

The first "G" of 3G Ministries is for God's glory, and so our 2010 3G Youth Conference was focused on glory.  A few years previous, I had written a poem on God's awakening our hearts in revival, but it had been buried as other themes came to my mind.  As we approached our inaugural 3G Youth Conference, I wanted a new song on revival and God's glory, and so I found the original text and incorporated new ideas into the hymn.  Awaken, Lord, My Heart is a prayer for God to reveal His presence to His people.  When God steps down from heaven to revive His own, our hearts will be awakened to the cross, to the Scripture, and to God Himself.  

The final stanza speaks of our wills bent to the supreme will of our Master Potter.  We must have God awaken our hearts from spiritual slumber to enjoy the goodness and greatness of all He is.

@ 2010 Andy Gleiser, Arranged by Greg Habegger

Behold the King

So we will bow before our worthy King,

And we will vow to give Him everything.

We take our cross and follow all our days;

We worship Him with lives of grateful praise.

We will live for Christ the King.

@ 2016 Andy Gleiser;  Arranged by Greg Habegger

Christ Is Enough

To Christ I fly!

On Him rely!

His grace is all I need.

Unmoved by doubts, my faith cries out,

Christ is enough for me!

@ 2015 Andy Gleiser and Reba Snyder 

Consider Him

This song was conceived during a 2008 teen camp service.  Evangelist Will Galkin preached on discouragement from Hebrews 12: 3-5.  During the sermon, he made a strong statement, Do you really want to be like Jesus?  Then get back on your cross."  When discouragements come and you are weary in the fight, consider what Jesus endured and find His grace is sufficient for you.

It was one of those moments when God's presence felt especially near.  Living for Jesus always costs, but, in comparison to the cross, what have I really suffered for Jesus?  He is my example and my strength who enables me to endure the weighty responsibility of following Him. 

A few months later, I ran into Will again and shared what a blessing his sermon had been to me that night at camp.  I even mentioned I was trying to write a song from his exposition.  He lit up and encouraged me to send the text to Reba Snyder.  I had never met her, but I knew she was traveling on the Galkin team.  By early 2009, I emailed the finished text to her.

As always, we went to Teen Camp the following summer of 2009.  During registration, one of the staff members said to me, "Are  you Andy?  I'm Reba Snyder, I think I have a poem you sent me."  Through her guidance and suggestions, I eventually changed the original text and constructed the final version around Christmas.  By early 2010, she had put a beautiful melody to the song, and a friendship was begun.  The first time I heard her music with the text I remember thinking, "Yes!  That's how I wanted this to sound.!" 

@2010 Andy Gleiser;  Arranged by Reba Snyder

Constrained By Christ

God gave me nine years to serve as the Youth Pastor under Dr. David Pennington at Burge Terrace Baptist Church.  He remains one of my great heroes.  Outside of my dad, no one has impacted my preaching more than he.  Soon after he told me he had accepted God's call to move to another church, the Lord gave me the idea to write a song in honor of my pastor.

As a young man, Pastor Pennington chose 2 Corinthians 5: 14-15 as his life and ministry passion.  I had heard him preach those verses many times over the years and knew I wanted to craft a song based on that passage.  The song's chorus came to me very quickly, but the verses took a bit longer.  Greg and I had a month and a half to write it, and God was gracious to give it to us before the Pennington family left.  The final Sunday the Penningtons were at Burge Terrace, he asked me to preach.  What an honor!  I preached from 2 Corinthians 5: 14-15 and then surprised him by singing the song we had written for him.

The love than moved Jesus to die for me must move me to live for Him.  In addition to the 2 Corinthians passage, Acts 20:24 played a pivotal role in the writing of the text as well.  Paul confessed how he was unmoved by difficulties and did not count his life dear to himself.  His passion would be to testify the gospel of the grace of God.  This is the testimony of Pastor Pennington and the testimony I long to have.

@ 2010 Andy Gleiser;  Arranged by Greg Habegger

Embrace the Cross

Ben Everson is an evangelist as well as an accomplished musician.  He also married my cousin, Amanda.  Ben held a contest in October 2011, for aspiring poets to submit lyrics for a possible song.  Though I didn't win the contest, he asked if he could have my text and put it to music.  Embrace the Cross is our first collaboration.  

If I am to be a follower of Jesus, it will actually require two crosses:  Jesus' cross and my cross.  His cross is indispensable for salvation.  But to be like Jesus will mean, I too, will carry a cross in this life.  The first verse speaks of Jesus' cross while the remaining three verses reveal how we interact with the cross we are to bear for Him.  The chorus return our attention to Jesus and His cross.

My favorite part of the sone is the final phrase of the fourth verse.  As we lay down the cross we carried for Jesus, He gives us a crown.  Then we take the crown He gave us and cast it back at His feet.  We carried the cross not for the crown, but for Him.

@ 2012 Andy Gleiser, Ben Everson Music

Grace Amazing

The third "G" of 3G Ministries is for God's grace, and so our 2012 3G Youth Conference was focused on grace.  I struggled to come up with an appropriate theme for the conference that would translate well into song.  One of our faithful and gospel-centered church members suggested to me the theme of how amazing God's grace was.  I knew I couldn't write a song call Amazing Grace!  It was then the Holy Spirit placed in my mind the idea of switching the two words around.  I loved it! 

Each verse is tied into the cross.  It is the cross that displays the most intense form of God's amazing grace to sinners.  I especially love how Greg wrote the music for the text.  At the end of each verse, he causes us to linger, if just for a moment, on the word grace.

The chorus was the first part of the hymn that I wrote.  The original lyrics however didn't have the name Christ in it.  We would know who we were singing about, but I still felt uneasy about the chorus being so general.  After a few honest and caring people I trusted shared some misgivings about the chorus, it was confirmed I needed to change something.  I like the change!

My prayer for this song would be that God's people are encouraged and strengthened by meditating on the amazing grace of their God.  There is hope as long as there is God.

@ 2012 Andy Gleiser;  Arranged by Greg Habegger

His Name Among All Nations

The second "G" of 3G Ministries is for God's gospel, and so our 2011 3G Youth Conference was focused on the gospel.  In the summer of 2011, God gave Bryn and me an amazing opportunity to take some of our teens on a mission trip to Budapest, Hungary.  I fell hard for Budapest.

While in Hungary, we attended the midweek service of the little church God had established there.  The text was I John 5:13 and our missionary Jim Knies preached a clear and compelling gospel message.  Due to the large number of Americans in the tiny room, he preached in English for our sakes, but then he had a 20-year-old engineering student at the University in Budapest translate his sermon in Hungarian for the other half of the crowd.  I was mesmerized by hearing the same gospel preached in two languages!  Though I've been in other bilingual services, a chord was struck in my heart that summer evening.

After the sermon, we gathered in small groups to pray.  Once again, some of us prayed in English and some in Hungarian.  We spent so many hours that trip with our brothers and sisters in Christ!  Hungary needs the gospel.  I pray every week for the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers to Budapest.

It was soon after our trip to Hungary that I crafted the lyrics for His Name Among All Nations.   That phrase comes from Luke 24:47 as Jesus was commissioning His disciples (and us!) to take His name to every nation.  I wrote the final verse before the other verses.  Nearly every time I sing that verse, I see in my mind's eye that little library room on the second floor of an old Budapest building on the banks of the Danube River where I knelt with my Hungarian brothers to pray to our same Jesus.  One day, we will all sing the same song with the same tongue, "Thank you Jesus for the cross!"

@ 2011 Andy Gleiser; Arranged by Greg Habegger

It's Still the Cross

It's still the cross, it's still the blood, 

it's still His dying act of love compelling me to spend my life;  

in giving everything for Christ ...

@ 2014 Andy Gleiser and Reba Snyder

Jesus, Your Grace

Jesus, Your Grace is a meditative, worshipful, prayerful hymn to Jesus.  Each of the four stanzas follows a "Praise/Petition" form.  The first two lines declare the truth we praise Jesus for.  The final two lines request Him to work out those truths in our lives. 

Stanza one praises Jesus for His grace in drawing me close to Him so that He can fashion me more into His likeness.  And my petition is that He complete the work He has begun (Philippians 1:6).  Being perfectly like Jesus is my final prize (Philippians 3:14).  The image of the clay in the hand of the Potter comes from Jeremiah 18.  

Stanza two praises Jesus for the cross and His triumph over the power of sin and hell in my life.  And my petition is that I daily experience the ongoing power of His grace found in this gospel that has delivered me.  Oh, that I know the power of the cross today!  My only boast is in the cross which has crucified the world to me and I to the world (Galatians 2:20 and 6:14).

Stanza three praises Jesus for His living Word that attacks and prevails over the error I so easily believe.  And my petition is that His truths wound me and then heals me.  The image of the weapon of the Word comes from Hebrews 4:12-13.  The Scripture breaks my heart over my sin to make it rejoice again (Psalm 51:8).

Stanza four praises Jesus for His church and what it cost Him to redeem us (Acts 20:28).  And my petition is that I learn to love the church in the same way Jesus does. The only way for me to love other Christians is for Jesus to love them through me (Ephesians 5:2, I John 4:11-12).

This hymn is the first collaborative effort between me and Matt Taylor.  And uniquely, he wrote the tune first and asked me to write lyrics to match.  It turned out to be a joyous experience!  My text went through several revisions as we worked toward presenting a singable text that the church could affirm together

@ 2016 Andy Gleiser and Matt Taylor

Jesus, Master of MY Heart

The seed thought for this song came from reading Martyn Lloyd-Jones' exposition of Romans 1.  Lloyd-Jones elaborated on Paul's statement that he was the "bond-slave" of Christ.  His quote launched the song ... I am His slave ... His willing slave.  He has not only bought me out, but I do not want anything else;  I do not want anybody else to be my Master;  nobody else is my Master.  I have given myself to Him.  He has won me.  He has captivated me.  I am lost in Him, the bond-slave of Jesus Christ.

And so the song became a longing for Jesus.  As I typically try to do, I included a stanza about the cross and the loyalty I owe Him for such an enormous sacrifice.  The third stanza deals with the reality that Jesus knows intimately every wound I could ever face.  After all, He endured suffering as a man,  I can find hope and healing in Him.

As the hymn was nearing completion, our pastoral staff visited a dear man of God who was dying from Lou Gehrig's disease,  I'll not forget Brother Dean sitting in his specially-made chair asking us to sing several hymns for him.  As we sang a song of heaven, he wept uncontrollably, his whole body shaking.  As we finished, I'll always hold dear the image of his wet eyes shining with the hope of eternity.  Through his tears, he asked us, "Can you just imagine what it's going to be like to die and immediately wake up in the arms of Jesus?"  With that, he broke into tears again.  A few days later, his faith became site.  It was after singing with Dean in his home that I wrote the final stanza.

@ 2010 Andy Gleiser and Greg Habegger

My Ever Living Advocate

Some years ago, I preached a 20-week series on 1-3 John to the teens at our church.  The Lord really stretched me as I wrestled through the difficult and convicting truths of John's letters.  The most glorious of all the text was I John 2:1-2.  It answered the question, "What does the Christian do about all his sin?"  Simply put, when a Christian sins against God, he as a Friend before God.  That encouraging truth is the theme of this hymn.  It has come from my meditation, study, and preaching of I John.  There were many versions of the song before I was finally satisfied with the content.

When Bryn and I first came to Burge Terrace Baptist Church in 2001, Sarah Williams was in the 8th grade.  She was one of our "original" teenagers, which makes our relationship with her very special.  It didn't take us long to recognize her heart for God and her talent for music.  I asked Sarah to be the youth group pianist during her teen years, and upon graduation from college, she came back and resumed her role as pianist during our final years of student ministry at Burge Terrace.  The Lord has also been using her through the music ministry of the church.  Sarah has arranged some hymns for piano and has demonstrated gifting and and desire for writing music.  Late in 2013, I asked her if she would consider composing the music for My Ever Living Advocate.  She readily agreed, and I'm grateful she did.

@ 2013 Andy Gleiser and Sarah Williams

My Faithful Love

For I still know the plans I have for you, And I will lead you in the way I choose.

  Trust now My heart - My Grace is still enough ... Forever rest within My faithful love.

@ 2016 Andy Gleiser and James Koerts

Quicken Me, O Lord

Like Consider Him, the initial idea for this song also came from hearing Will Galkin at camp in 2008.  It was during the adult sponsors meeting that Will encouraged those of us working with teens through Psalm 119.  I found it intriguing how often the word "quicken" show up in that great psalm.  Quicken Me, O Lord is a fervent prayer for personal revival in our lives.  A feeling of lifelessness within causes our heart to yearn for divine quickening, a touch from above that brings life to a thirsting soul.

The first stanza is the theme of the entire hymn.  We must confess our need for God to step in and do His work of revival in our lives.  If He doesn't help, we're in grave trouble, but He is gloriously the all-sufficient One we need in our weakness.

The second stanza acknowledges we need quickening from the Lord due to our indulgence in sin.  Sin soils our heart and causes us to cry out for cleansing.  Cleansing takes place when the God of all integrity purges out sin and then washes that stain, making our hearts as white as snow again.  Joy returns!

Following the Lord means taking up our cross daily and sharing in His suffering.  This is the theme for stanza three.  Whatever the cross may be, it is the Christian's privilege to partake in the fellowship of Christ's sufferings.  When our cross weighs heavily and burdens press down, our only recourse is found in our secure God. 

The final stanza is the heart cry of the Christian to know God deeper and more intimately.  What an astounding privilege to know and have fellowship as a son or daughter with the God of eternity!  As we come closer to God, we cry out for Him to draw nearer to us.

@ 2008 Andy Gleiser and Greg Habegger

Show Your Glory, Lord

As the 2013 3G Youth Conference in Indianapolis rolled around, we decided to return to the theme of God's Glory.  When the children of Israel worshiped the Lord by means of a golden calf, God removed His presence from His people.  And they would soon mourn over what they had lost.  But Moses, the great intercessor, pled with God to "come back" and dwell again in the midst of the people.  His passionate prayer is recorded in Exodus 33.  The height of fervency came in his request to see the glory of the Lord, and he was granted a limited vision of God as the Lord put Moses in a place right next to Him.

I took the image of Moses praying to God after national sin and likened it to our prayer for revival, personal cleansing, and greater knowledge of God, particularly as revealed in Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I connected revival praying with the cross of Calvary.  This song is a prayer to God to reignite our hearts for Him.

It is always a blessing to team up with my good friend Greg Habegger in writing music.  I am grateful for his friendship and his ministry to the church.

@ 2013 Andy Gleiser and Greg Habegger

The Conquest of the Cross

Reveal the cross through Jesus' name,

And show the heart that bled for us.

Reveal the cross;  It is our own.

We take the conquest of the cross ...

@ 2014 Andy Gleiser and Reba Snyder