The Object of Your Love

This title came to me during a sermon from Evangelist Jerry Sivnksty in late 2007.  He used this phrase in conversation with an individual who was broken in his sin.  I was moved by the thought that though my sins breaks and grieves me, I cannot get away from the relentless love of God.  I began to write a song that I fully intended to have two verses.  Both verses would deal with God's love to me in spite of my sin before and after coming to faith.

I finished the two verses late on a Sunday night, February 9, 2008. and planned to give the text to Greg on Monday.  But then, February 10th happened.  Bryn suffered a miscarriage, and we lost our baby.  In the raw emotion of those moments, I wrestled with why God would give us a baby only to take that precious child away.  I knew all the right answers to tell myself, but they ran hollow in my hurting heart.

As I drove home from our Sunday night service, I cried out to the Father, Why are you doing this?  He gentle reply to me was,  I'm about to teach you an aspect of my love you haven't felt before.  I then remembered the song I had just completed.  After putting Bryn to bed, I sat down to write what became the third verse.  The words came very quickly ... a rare thing for me.  When Monday came, I sat down in Greg's office and shared how we had lost our baby, and then handed him the finished version of The Object of Your Love.

April, 2008, our church enjoyed a week of meeting with our staff evangelist, Morris Gleiser.  Right before Dad got up to preach on Thursday evening, I sang the song for the first time while Greg played.

@ 2008 Andy Gleiser & Greg Habegger

The Spirit's Sword

Unsheathe the Sword of Christ the Lord;

Unleash the power of the Word

The Holy Spirits's sovereign Blade

Can never fail to wound and save

@ 2018 Andy Gleiser;  Arranged by Matt Taylor

Trust Me

For Doug Gray

Do you trust Me as your Guide?  

Your Rock?

Will you trust Me with your life?

@ 2016 Andy Gleiser and Reba Snyd

We Would See Jesus

Oh once more we would see Jesus

In the glorious gospel's light!

There our God unveils His glory

In the face of Jesus Christ

@ 2016 Andy Gleiser:  Arranged by James Koerts

We Glory in the Cross

Dedicated to Burge Terrace Baptist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

in celebration of their 60th Anniversary

August 5, 2018

You shed blood for us, Your blood!

What grace is this!  What love!

Through every age we honor You, O risen Son of God;

We glory in the cross.

@ 2018 Andy Gleiser and Greg Habegger

You are the Christ

It took my former pastor, Dr. David Pennington, more than five years to preach through the gospel of Matthew when he was our shepherd at Burge Terrace Baptist Church.  Though many passages stand out to me during his series, one text in particular, arrested me and wouldn't let me go - Matthew 16:16.  In answer to Christ's question to the disciples, "Who do  you say I am?"  Peter proclaimed, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."  My pastor recast Peter's answer in order to highlight how emphatically Peter spoke.  Literally, he declared, "You are the Christ, the Son of the God, the living One."  There was no room for doubt.  He could not be more clear.  Jesus Christ is God.

As I listened that Lord's Day, my heart was struck with how strongly Jesus' deity is proclaimed in Scripture.  I determined one day I would write a song called "You are the Christ."  In a day when people love and revere the historical Jesus of Nazareth but are unwilling to embrace Jesus the Christ, we must declare without hesitation or uncertainty that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the Son of the living God.  He proved His "God-ness" through the Incarnation (Verse 1), Crucifixion (Verse 2), Resurrection (Verse 3), and Glorification (Verse 4).

Once again, Reba captured the power and passion of the hymn text.  The chorus begins with such force and energy, compelling your heart to agree with Peter's declaration.  Reba added the words, "My all" to the chorus which calls for a total surrender to this truth. 

@ 2013 Andy Gleiser and Reba Snyder