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The Gospel Story by Andy Gleiser

God gave us perfection, but we would reject Him,

And so death became our curse.

Our world would stay broken had God never spoken,

"One day death will be reversed."

Who is God's chosen One?  He is a mother's Son

From the line of Abraham,

And with His mighty hand, He freed from Egypt land

All His people by a Lamb.

This Prophet, like Moses, would summon His forces

To cleanse His own land of stain;

Vict'ry now is promised - Power great upon us

As we trust Him and obey.

But God forsaken and freedom was taken;

Oh the grief sin always brings!

Yet in our condition, God heard our petition,

"Oh, how much we need a king!"

The crown was established, then more grace was lavished

On David's great dynasty;

A Monarch much better, with His righteous scepter,

Will be King eternally.

But David's descendants were mostly horrendous;

They led us away from God.

Corrupt and dishonest, we stiff-armed the prophets

Until God sent Babylon.

Held captive a long while, we suffered in exile,

As our hope dissolved in tears.

We longed for the morrow, but found grace in sorrow,

For God holds His people dear.

Returning with gladness from seasons of sadness,

We sought God again with fear.

No longer unfaithful, we rebuilt the temple

For the One to soon appear.

Four hundred years later, God sent us our Savior;

Now the Promised One had come!

And wonder of wonders, this One had a mother;

God's only begotten Son.

So Jesus was like us and yet nothing like us

As He faced dark Calvary;

Absorbing God's just wrath, He died on our behalf,

To remove iniquity.

Death could not contain Him nor could we explain Him;

He arose again to life!

Repent of rebellion; embrace your salvation;

Put your faith in Jesus Christ.

Then we were commissioned to have a world vision;

The gospel to ev'ry land.

The Spirit descended; God's mercy extended,

As by grace the church began!

Declaring the good news for Gentiles and all Jews,

The church grew and spread and thrived.

Endued with God's power to this very hour,

We preach Christ the crucified.

Our hearts have been yearning for our King's returning

In full triumphant glory,

When Satan is banished and evil is vanquished;

This is The Gospel Story!

Andy Gleiser Evangelistic Ministires