Andy & Bryn Gleiser


   For 13 years Andy served as the Student Ministries Pastor at Burge Terrace Baptist Church in Indianapolis. He graduated from Bob Jones University in 2001, with a degree in pastoral studies and soon after completed a Masters of Ministry degree from Northland International University while serving at Burge Terrace.  In August 2014, his church relieved him of his pastoral responsibilities to send the family to follow God's call in itinerate gospel ministry to local churches.

   Andy met the love of his life when he was in the ninth grade.  He and Bryn began married life together June 23, 2001, and she remains the keeper of his heart.  God has given them Charis, Drew, and Amberly as incredible gifts of grace.  Andy and Bryn have journeyed in life and ministry from their first day together and are committed to the gospel ministry.  

   First and foremost, Andy is an expositor of the Word of God. A consistent theme across Andy's preaching and teaching is helping the church learn, live, and give the gospel of Jesus Christ entirely by God's grace. He also enjoys writing new hymns for the church that exalt Christ and His cross. He is a member of Burge Terrace Baptist Church in Indianapolis, and he serves on the board of Morris Gleiser Revival Ministries

Outside of his family and preaching, Andy's passion is baseball. He is devoted to his Kansas City Royals.


   Bryn was reared in a godly Christian home and saw a consistent example of service and love for the Lord which shaped and molded her own desire to faithfully serve God.  

   In 2001, she received her degree in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University, married Andy Gleiser, and began service as Youth Pastor's wife.  Bryn is an incredible wife and mother who God has gifted with a gracious and genuine spirit.  The teen girls and ladies of Burge Terrace Baptist Church have been truly blessed by the consistent way she lives the gospel of Christ and the practical approach in which she applies the Word of God. Bryn demonstrates an unwaivering faith in the Lord knowing that He will provide and orchestrate life circumstances according to His will and in His goodness and grace.   Her faith in allowing ultimate control and provision is always an encouragement to those around her.  

   The youth they served at Burge Terrace Baptist Church always knew that Bryn and Andy's heart and home were open to them for counsel, encouragement, and fellowship.  

They consistently displayed genuine love for the students they felt blessed to have in their ministry.   

Bryn is a full time homeschooling mom and wonderful partner to our family's ministry.

Our Children



We chose the name Charis for our firstborn because 

she is God's gift of grace to us. 

Her desire for the Lord is a true work of grace that warms our heart.

   Charis enjoys reading, loves music, and finds happiness when others around her are happy. 

Charis can't wait to be taller than her mom one day, and it's already pretty close!



Drew is all boy!  

He is constantly teasing his sisters and playing with others.  He makes friends easily and laughs at just about anything.  He has also been bitten by the baseball bug!

   We rejoice most of all that Drew has a tender heart toward Christ.



After suffering a miscarriage in 2008, God blessed our home with sweet Amberly.  

She is most happy when "Mom" is nearby!  Many miles on the road have been passed by listening to our Amberly sing her "made-up" songs.  We marvel at her intensity and silliness.

We're also so grateful she has joined the rest of us in recently coming to faith in Christ.

Andy Gleiser Evangelistic Ministries